12.21.12 Power Endurance

“FYF Apocalypse” 
The athlete has one hour to complete all of the tasks below. 
Each round begins with a 400m run
When the athlete comes back into the gym they select which exercise to do.  
Exercises include:
1. 200x Bodyweight Lunges (back knee must contact the floor)
2. 500m Row
3. 100x Close-Grip Bench Press (Males with a 1RM >250 use 95#, <250# use 75#. Females with a Bench Press >135# use 65#, <135# use 45#)
4. 50x Toes-to-Bar
5. 35x Burpees/Box Jumps @ 16″ Box
6. Ball Slam/Barrier Hop: Males – 20 reps @ 25#, 20 reps @ 30#, 10 reps @ 40#; Females 20 reps @ 20#, 20 reps @ 25#, 10 reps @ 30#
7. 20x Wall Walks
8. 20x Rope Pull/Sprint
9. 3x Gauntlet Farmer’s Carry (Males @ 2×45-50#, Females @ 2×30-35#)
10. 30 Calorie Sprint Ski-Erg 
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
Although no one officially saved the world today we did learn a lot about ourselves. As is typically the case as the day progressed we continued to refine the workout. By 3:30 it was perfectly prescribed, with bits of strategy interjected to help athletes get through it more efficiently.
Sometimes we write workouts that are right on, other times they’re a bit off. The “FYF Apocalypse” was sort of an in-betweener. When the day started we thought it was possible, but as the day progressed we thought it was less and less possible, bordering on damn near impossible. The reps, running and time needed to complete each was simply too lofty. But as the workout became more and more refined it also became more and more possible. James came the closest, missing it by 378m on the Rower. That’s enough for me. Besides, it was the first time anyone did it. Typically the second attempt is 10-15% faster than the first and before the year is out I plan to re-visit this one to prove it can be done. 
The workout written above is the final version.I’m calling it “The Standard.” It reminds me of several workouts in the gym that at one point seemed unattainable but are now commonly completed by most our athletes. So for now it’s the standard. But my guess is at some point we’ll forget about it because the challenge will be dulled by the fact that more can complete it than can’t. I look forward to that day. 

The Ball Slam/Barrier Hop was perhaps the most under-estimated of all the movements. 50 total reps, but with three different size balls, the last if which is a 40#. My advice, do it early and get it out of the way.


Behold, the ugliest shoes EVER.


While the exercise reads ‘burpee/box jump’ it’s a misnomer. The cost of jumping is simply too great. It doesn’t save any time and it creates a huge O2 demand. Stepping over the box is just as fast and costs a fraction of the energy.


The first few training sessions of the day were brutal on the bench press. For the males we gave them 135# for 100 reps. Not good. Then it was 115#. Still not good. Finally we individualized the load prescription. If your 1RM Bench is greater than 250lbs use 95lbs for the 100 rep caper. If it’s less than 250lbs, use 75lbs. Nonetheless, it’s still not a gimmie.


“The Gauntlet.” Walk 50 yards, go up two flights of stairs, walk another 50 yards, go down two flights of stairs. Repeat for 3 rounds. Oh, and you’re carrying two heavy-ass kettlebells.


The world needed a hero. None prevailed.