1.2.13 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope, etc.
3×5 Wall Squat
2×20 Squat
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
20x Leg Swings (each direction)
20x Scorpion Kicks
20x Ironcross Kicks
2×10 HR Push-ups
2×10 Bulgarian Bag Halos 
3×8 (each side) Single-Arm, Single-Leg KB Press (contra-lateral loading)
1 set @ 10-15#
1 set @ 15-20#
1 set @ >20#
15x Bulgarian Bag Halos @ 17-45# (each direction) +
Max Reps BB Strict Press (95#/45#), clean the BB from the floor +
2:00 minute rest
15x Bulgarian Bag Halos @ 17-45# (each diection ) +
Max Close-Grip Bench Press (95 + chains/45 + chains) +
2:00 minutes rest
15x Bulgarian Bag Halos @ 17-45# (each direction) +
Max Strict Push-ups (chest MUST contact floor)
2:00 minutes rest
This is one block, do two.
Cool Down with Medicine Ball Walk-outs 
Coach’s Comments

The complimentary nature of the Bulgarian Bag work and all the pressing was effective. The bag, especially the heavier ones, taxed the grip tremendously. The strict press, bench press, and push-ups were a welcomed relief, but equally as difficult if the player decided to ‘go for it’ on each set.

At GP we try to avoid any and all flexion work, which for most is how they condition their abdominal wall (i.e. crunches). One example of a core exercise we like is called the Medicine Ball Walk-out. Start with the ball under the shoulders. Walk it out in front of you as far as you can stabilize or as far as the arms can support you. The stronger one’s core/arms the further away they can walk the ball. Start with short distances and progress slowly. Today it was made even more challenging coming off six sets of max reps pressing work.