1.4.12 Power Endurance, FYF

Throw Medicine Balls (various – 5 minutes)
2×5 Wall Squat
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
3×8 DB Arnold Press
15m Forward Lunge + 10x Squats
15m Reverse Lunge + 10x Jump Squats
15m Forward Lunge + 5x Burpee 
15m Reverse Lunge + 15m Bear Crawl
100 Rep Challenge – KB Push Press
100 reps @ 1/3 BW (for example, a 200lb athlete would use approx. 2×35# KBs)
Every time the athlete puts the KBs down perform 7x Burpee/Pull-ups OR 10x Burpees
Ensure on every rep that the athlete returns to the rack position, pauses, and fully locks out each press.
30s Sprint on Airdyne, Rower, or Ski Erg +
12x (6 each) Weighted Lunge @ 1/3 BW + 5# (hold two KBs in FC position)
Individual Goal = 150/120 calories on Airdyne, 100/80 calories on the Rower/Ski Erg
Team Goal = 300/240 calories on Airdyne, 200/160 calories on the Rower/Ski Erg
“Cool Down” with 50x Dips OR 50x Push-ups (time permitting, partition as needed)
Coach’s Comments

The 100 Rep Challenge today was KB Push Press. I was very clear about what I expected on each rep. Pause one second in the rack position and get a full lock out overhead with the ear in front of the biceps. The penalty for putting the KBs down is 7x Burpee/Pull-ups. The penalty for NOT putting the bells down is 100 KB Push Presses in a row. Either way I win.

Tammi on her way to 100 consecutive reps. The athletes were allowed to "rest" in the rack position. But as the shoulders begin to fatigue the rack position is anything but "rest."

Sprint hard for 30s on the Airdyne and chase it immediately with 12x lunges at 1/3 BW. Continue until a team goal of 300 calories is reached. The lunges are hardly a reprieve and made the 30s sprint harder than it should have been. It was my way of slowing the whole thing down, ensuring there was a good bit of suffering taking place.