1.9.13 Power Endurance, Circuit

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope, etc…
2×5 Wall Squat
5×5 SL Off-Box Squats (Slow, no assistance from trail leg)
Jump Letters
4 rep of “T” (5 jumps per rep)
4 reps of “W” (8 jumps per rep)
4 reps of “Z” (6 jumps per set)
 1 set each
“45/15 Circuit”
45s Work, 15s Transition of the following:
BattleRopes (various, keep the rope moving for the entire 45s)
Explosive Box Step-ups @ 24″ (leave a leg on the box every rep)
Ski Erg @ <2:10/500m pace 
DB Man-Maker @ 2×20-30#
Reverse Plank (position feet on a box)
Medicine Ball Oblique Throw and Chase @ 30/40# (minimum of 60m)
Mountain Climbers (feet do not touch the floor), turn a DB sideways to elevate the hands off the floor. 
4-5 rounds
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

Pick up a heavy medicine ball and throw it across the room. Over the course of 45s you should be able to throw it a minimum of 60m. If you can get it across the room in one throw it's too light. If it takes you more than two throws it's too heavy. 40# seemed perfect for most males, 30# for most females.



We broke in the new ropes today. It doesn't seem like much, but keeping the ropes moving for the entire 45s is not easy. When one pattern fades switch to another. But DO NOT stop moving the ropes.