1.12.13 Leg Day

5 minute easy row, ride, run, rope skip
Locomotor Drills (shuffling, skipping, crawling, etc.)
“Leg Day”
Tag Team Lunge Ladder
P1 1x Lunge (hold bottom position* while P2 does 1x lunge)
P2 1x Lunge (hold bottom position while P1 does 2x lunge)
Continue for 15m
*Bottom position = back knee 1-inch from the floor
Rest a bit, 2 sets of 15m
Hip Mobility Work (5-8 minutes)
15x Heavy Jefferson Squats @ 80-90# +
15m Weighted Lunge @ 2×40-50# +
30s Wall Sit (Hold KBs used during lunge)
4 sets, rest as needed between sets
4×30 Jump Squat @ BW
4×20 Jump Squat @ 11-26# Bulgarian Bag (on shoulders) 
4×30 (15 each) Split Jumps @ BW
4×20 (10 each) Split Jumps @ 11-26# Bulgarian Bag (on shoulders) 
Rest as needed between all sets
1-Minute “Hard” Row/Ski/Ride +
Max Effort Rack Hold at 1/2 BW
Do as many rounds as necessary to complete 5-minutes of cumulative rack hold.
Rest as needed between sets
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
In my reading of McGill’s work on Low Back Performance I ran across this excerpt that, if anything, reaffirms why we do not recklessly prescribe Olympic Lifts in our groups. 
“Given the potential assets and liabilities of training athletes with the Olympic Lifts, they are overemphasized in many programs. Certainly for team training programs where there is an interest in these lifts, a qualification procedure is absolutely necessary to identify those athletes who are candidates for low risk training, and to restrict those who do not possess the hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder flexibility to perform the lifts with impeccable technique.”
He goes on to say, “very few North American men possess the attributes (genetically) to even obtain the initial set position at the beginning of the lift where the bar is pulled, to minimize back loading for safety.”
Interesting considering the newfound popularity of these lifts and the frequency with which they are prescribed in general fitness programs to unqualified individuals. 
This is an important statement considering McGill is the leading researcher in the world on low back disorders and performance. 

If the athlete possesses above-average range of motion in the hips, knees, and ankles, elevate their feet on a 6-12″ box. This will invite more muscle fibers to the party and enhance the training effect. It will also enhance soreness over the next few days.


It was reported to me that people were bitching and moaning about the workout today. It’s MF leg day, what did you expect? Harden the fuck up!