3.9.13 Recovery

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope, etc.
2×5 Wall Squats
20x Balancing Leg Swings
3x15m Lunge + SL Balance + SLDL (all @ BW)
4×12 “Spike” Swing
15m of 3x RDL + 3 Steps Holding BB
4 sets
Increase weight each set
4x Two-Handed KB Clean + 
3x KB Front Squat +
2x KB Push Press/Jerk
3 sets light
3 sets heavier
4 sets really heavy
10 total sets
Rest as needed between sets
300s Slosh Pipe OH Hold
Between efforts do push-ups to failure
Continue until 300s is attained.
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
I just wrapped up both presentations at the NSCA’s National Conference. It was a great opportunity to showcase what we do in our gym in Gainesville. The more I’m exposed to outsiders the more I realize just how special a place GP is. Even simple concepts are foreign to the “everyday trainer.”
We do a good job. No, we do a great job.  I’ve never shut myself off from new ideas or concepts. Casting aside dogmatism leaves you open for growth. I was exposed to some great ideas early in my career that set the tone for what you see and do now. GP is such a unique blend of modalities, the way we infuse different styles, nutrition, soft-tissue work, etc. is really quite special. 
Who knows what all this will bring. I didn’t do it to “put us on the map.” I did it to challenge myself and the concepts we hang our hat on. What better way to test your methods than to put them out there for criticism and debate; a litmus test if you will. It seems we’re on the right track. 
I missed everyone last night.  Great job.

I missed everyone last night. Great job. If there’s one thing this workout made glaringly obvious it’s that we need to be Snatching 275#.