8.28.13 Training Sessions (1)

Workout 1
Throw MBs
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
3x15m Lunge + 15m Broad Jump
2×10 Push-ups
30m Bear Crawl every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

15m DB Walking Lunge + 
15m DB Bear Crawl +
15m DB Burpee/Broad Jump +
15m DB OH Carry 
Five Rounds, rest while partner goes. Last 2 sets should be M.E.
Wall Ball + Floor Press + Split Jumps
3 sets of max reps
Rest as needed between sets
Foam Roll
Coach’s Comments
We posted a new article in the Coach’s Blog entitled Weightlifting Etiquette. Enjoy. 
I've been working with morning groups all week. It's nice to train some people I haven't seen in a while. Ashley during Monday's work.

I’ve been working with the early morning groups all week. It’s nice to train some people I haven’t seen in a while. Ashley during Monday’s work.