4.17.14 Training Sessions (2), Videos (2)

Workout 1
Throw Medicine Balls (various)
Dislocates, 10 regular + 5 reverse
2×5 Wall Squats
2×10 Squats
2×10 Jump Squats
3x (15m Tin Man Walk + 15m Reverse Bear Crawl + 15m Burpee/Broad Jump + 15m Crab Walk)
10x Seated Semi-Supinated DB Strict Press +
10x Hanging Ring Rows 
3 sets, rest a bit between sets
Walking KBS Sprint Shuttle
15m Walking KBS @ 40# + 15m Sprint (back to Kettlebells)
15m Walking KBS @ 50# + 15m Sprint 
15m Walking KBS @ 60# + 15m Sprint 
15m Walking KBS @ 70# + 15m Sprint
Rest while partner goes
3 rounds each
Set a clock for 2:00 
25/20 Calorie Row OR 20/12 Calorie Ski Erg + Max Reps Wall Ball in the time remaining.
Record Wall Ball reps
Rest 1:1
Continue until you reach 100 reps of Wall Ball, no more than 6 sets
Cool Down
Workout 2
A1 10-12x Back Squats
A2 2-4x Pause Pull-ups (5-5-5)
A3 12-15x DB Cyclist Squats
A4 10-12x Thick DB Bent-Over Rows
15 minute rotation
B1 50m Sprint + 30s Rest
C1 20x Stir-the-Pot (each direction)
C2 30s Hollow on Back
C3 6x Explosive Kick Tosses
4-5 sets, rest 30-60s between sets
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
The website has decided it doesn’t want me to post pictures, but it will let me do videos. So until this problem is resolved there will only be videos. I guess it’s not so bad. 
Today I give you two videos. The first one is a segment from the 10-minutes of Sprint Intervals we did in GBC class. The other is a few seconds of Cedric doing Cyclists Squats. Enjoy!