5.31.14 Training Session

Jog 400m
20x Balancing Leg Swings
2×15 Walking External Rotator Stretch
2x15m Walking Calf Raises
3×5 Squats @ 4010 tempo
2x15m Lunge + 15m Bear Crawl
2×5 Strict Push-ups, 5 sec pause at top in externally rotated position
Couch Stretch, 2×1:00 minute each (no pain face!)
3x (7x Goblet Squat + 5m-10m-15m Shuttle)
Tag Team Style, repeat once
Practice KB exchange – 5 minutes
5 minute AMRAP
P1 12x KBS @ 45/35#
P2 Rest
Switch by exchanging the KB in mid-air (see video below).
If the KB falls to the floor a penalty is incurred at the end of the workout.
One drop = 400m Run at the end of the workout
Two drops = 800m Run at the end of the workout 
Three or more drops = 1 mile run at the end of the workout
4xMax Reps Deadlift @ 185/115#
Rest plenty between sets
Penalty or cool down 
Coach’s Comments
I took some chances with today’s program, deemed “Unsafe Saturday.” Obviously the goal is not to do anything that will hurt anyone. More accurately it’s about trying some new stuff, that, on the surface may appear less-than-smart. 
Some parts of the workout were good, others I’ll discard. The Goblet Squat/Shuttle was interesting. Had there not been 23 athletes in the gym at once I think this would have been even more fun. And I wanna play more with max rep deadlifts (to technical failure of course). 
Here is a video of Partner KBS with the “risky” exchange.