6.12.14 Training Sessions (1), Recovery

Recovery Workout 
20x Figure-8 Leg Swings
3 x 15m Capacity Walk, 1x each of Alternating, Overhead, WTV, Double OH 
3 x 15m Bear Crawl + Crab Walk
2 x 6 Inchworm to walk out plank
2 x 5 Knee-to-Armpit (prone) +  scorpion kicks +  press ups 
15 m. toe hops +
15 m broad jump+
15 m SL hop L. + 
15 m SL  hop R.
3 rounds
3×15 External Rotation with tubing
Walkout Plank + Push-up Ladder
1x Walkout Plank + 1x Push-up
1x Walkout Plank + 2x Push-up, etc.
1x Walkout Plank + 3x Push-ups
Continue to failure
When you fail immediately perform 50x Alternating Supermans 
4 rounds
P1 200 m Row
P2 Hip Extension (feet on ball ) for duration of row, touch and go 
4 rounds
5x Max Effort Hollows on Back
Challenge of the Week
Coach’s Comments
I’ve spent a lot of time these past few weeks learning, experimenting, and getting back to our gym-as-a-laboratory days when we valued information and knowledge above all. The rigors of business are often overwhelming and can easily force one into a state of production with little time for development. But I’m conscious of my habits and hate nothing more than stagnation. Hell, it’s been almost seven months since my last seminar. So, I’m scheduled for two seminars in the next two weeks. Now I’m feeling the excitement of new material, people, concepts, and ideas and am more eager than ever to be your coach. 
I’ve also been ramping up my own training. Preparing for the Olympic lifting competition a few weeks back was great for power and strength development, but left my endurance in the toilet. It was so bad I hit my lactate threshold walking from my car to the gym yesterday. Fortunately, conditioning comes fast (much faster than strength) and I’m more than confident I’ll be prepared for the Crush Games in August. It’s the closest thing to the CF Regionals out there and will be the truest test of my preparedness.
That said, I’m trying to make friends with the treadmill and Airdyne in my garage. I have a true and deep disdain for both but recognize my bias enough to work them in on a regular basis. A lot of people buy Airdynes and never use them. They end up glorified clothes hangers in the corner of a bedroom or office in people’s homes and eventually make their way to eBay or Craiglist for half the price, OBO. 
But, if you have the Will and the time, the Schwinn Airdyne is one of the most unique and demonic pieces of cardiovascular equipment ever made. The fan wheel begins as a pleasant breeze but sucks the life out of you as intensity mounts. It is aptly named The Devil’s Tricycle. 
So, in the spirit of this hell-fire contraption I’ve prepared ten of my most potent Airdyne/Treadmill ideas. The average workout lasts less than 20 minutes, but will require an hour to recover. Feel free to make modifications, add things in, take things out, or create your own sadistic torture session. Without further ado, here are the workouts:
1. 12-1 Burpee Ladder + 15 Calorie Sprint on Airdyne
12x Burpees+ 15 Calories
11x Burpees + 15 Calories
10x Burpees + 15 Calories, etc…
for time
2. 200 Calories for time
50 Calories Arms and Legs
50 Calories Arms-only
50 Calories Legs-Only
50 Calories Arms and Legs
for time
3. 300 Calories for time
EMOM 5x Burpees
for time
4. 100 Calories +
1-Mile Run +
50 Calories +
1/2 Mile Run
for time
5. 50-40-30-20-10-20-30-40-50 Calories
1:1 rest
6. 50-40-30-20-10
Calories + Walking Lunges 
for time
7. Set a clock for 15 minutes
Max Effort FLR
Every time you break sprint 10 calories on Airdyne
8. 20 Calories on Airdyne + 400m Sprint 
5 rounds for time
9. 20s Hard + 10s Easy Airdyne until you reach 200 Calories
10. Run a 5K on the treadmill. Every 3:00 minutes sprint 20 Calories on Airdyne
As you can see you are only limited by your imagination…and willingness to suffer.