9.1.14 Training Session (1), Holiday Workout

Workout, General Preparation
Group Warm-up
Perform in Two-Man Teams
300m Sled Drag @ 200#/150# +
200x KBS @ 60/45 +
150x Burpees
4x Zercher Sandbag Gauntlet Carry @ 80/60 +
1200m Run +
100m Tire Flip +
150x Shoulder-to-Overhead @ 115/75#
for time
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
I left the memory card to my camera at the gym. No pics until tomorrow. So, if you haven’t seen this video from Saturday’s Strongman Session take a peak. If you have, enjoy it again. If you aren’t signed up to do Strongman or are interested, I’d love to have you in the class.