9.3.14 Training Sessions (3)

Workout 1, General Preparation
2×5 Wall Squats
2×10 Tempo Squats
2×5 Jump Squats
2×5 Band Tears
2×5 Shoulder Passes
2×5 Burpees
8×2 Strict Neutral-Grip Pull-up @ 40X0 tempo
Rest 60-75s between sets
40s M.E. Row/Ski + 
20s Rest +
40s M.E. Wall Ball  +
20s Rest +
40s M.E. Hang DB Snatch (5:5)+
20s Rest +
40s M.E. Burpee +
2:00 minutes rest
4 rounds
100x KBS @ 60/40 (NO dropping the KB)
Every time you put down KB sprint 200m
Cool Down 
Workout 2, Strength
2×5 Wall Squats
100x Alternating Supermans 
3×10 Jump Squats
2x15m Lunge + SL Balance + SLDL @ BW (slow and steady)
4×15 Banded KBS @ purple jump stretch band (see photos)
Sumo Deadlift Strength Ladder
10 reps
9 reps
8 reps
7 reps
6 reps
5 reps
4 reps
3 reps
2 reps
1 rep
Chase each set with 10x Ring Push-ups
Cool Down 
Sumo DL PRs:
Robyn S. @ 200#
Lelia G. – 180#
Inna M. @ 165#
Sara Y. @ 145#
Joe L. @ 405#
Workout 3, Power
 2×5 Wall Squats
2×5 Band Tears
100x Alternating Supermans
4×4 Explosive Medicine Ball Back Tosses @ 30/20#
4×3 Depth Jumps
BB Complex, 6 reps each:
Deadlift +
Bent-Over Row +
Hang Power Clean +
Front Squat +
Push Press +
Back Squat +
Strict Toes-to-Bar
3 sets, light-to-moderate
4×3 Snatch-Balance
3xM.E. BB Jump Squats
Inside Go Primal, Part III
By Chris White
This journey began in 2006 with an idea to turn my little private training studio into something bigger. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted, but I was motivated to do something more; to have something bigger and to affect a greater number of lives. 
How I got from there to here, while undeniably relevant, will not be the focus of this article. Suffice it to say I have been shaped profoundly by all my experiences and have never been more motivated to solve the critical problems that plague our society. We need to re-prioritize and re-connect with our spirituality, namely the ability to create self-worth and take responsibility for our actions.
To me fitness is nothing more than a medium to teach, learn, build, and re-shape, but not exclusively what we see in the mirror (although that certainly happens). It is an opportunity to gain a stronger foothold on our lives and prove to ourselves that we’re in control.  Finding people you can trust for guidance is paramount. To this end, I am intensely focused on being more clear than ever that Go Primal is for anyone and everyone. Engrain this idea into your brain. Go Primal is for anyone and everyone!
Let me explain.
The prevailing perception is that Go Primal is for hardcore people only.  Admittedly, in the beginning we cast ourselves as elitist because for so long we convinced our members they were better. We projected hardcore and that’s exactly what we got. This essay is an attempt unravel that persona and to convey, once and for all, that we are more interested now in doing something that has never been done before, namely creating a full-proof system where all people can experience short and long-term success, regardless of where they start. 
Starting is the Hardest Part
Taking the first step is often the biggest challenge. We drown ourselves in senseless excuses; paralyze our action with indecision and hesitation, anything to rationalize our current state. These inactions are fortified by others playing the same game, procrastinating, until eventually you’re so far gone you  never start. What’s the point right? 
But what if I told you it’s never too late? What if I could guarantee your success through a process of incremental change? What if I could make you more confident; stronger; more durable; and less prone to injury? What if I could take you from a size 20 to a size 6?
Twenty years of experience has led me to believe everyone is capable of at least 20x more than they think. 20x! The problem is we extinguish the fire before it starts, suffocating our ambitions with self-doubt. The cycle can be broken by one simple step: START. Don’t wait for all the pieces to fall perfectly into place. They never will. In fact, your ability to operate under less than optimal conditions is what will ultimately determine your success.  
So stop over thinking it. Just drive to the gym and walk through the front doors. Introduce yourself. Proclaim with confidence your desire to make a change for the better. Don’t feel like you need to go every day. Try going three days per week for six months straight. That gives you four days off. If you go more, great! If not, that’s fine too. Just three days. Don’t feel like you need to change your entire lifestyle. That’s too overwhelming! Your lifestyle will change naturally if you just show up consistently. Push yourself at a good pace without hurting yourself. Only you know what that pace is. Be smart. Take a deep breath and enjoy. It DOES get to be enjoyable. At three days per week for six months consistently you will see amazing results. 
A Recipe for Longevity
For so long we pushed for the sake of pushing, with little regard for the repercussions. We dug giant holes and crawled out of them day after day after day until eventual we either couldn’t climb out (i.e. got hurt) or we lost the desire to (quit). We forgot who we were and how we got here. We fell victim to the hype; the idea that progress had to be a full-speed sprint straight into a brick wall. My regrets are many, but have served as hard lessons. And while I fully wish I could revisit those days and those clients who I pushed away I know in my heart they are the reason I have evolved to what I am now, and for that, I would never change any of it. 
Moving forward however, I respect those poor choices, knowing I was doing the best I could at the time, just as I am now. I have seen the shortcomings of my linear thinking. The goal now is to create fitness for our clients in a way that supports both health AND longevity; to pull back the reigns in favor of something slower and more methodical. Truly, strength takes a lifetime to achieve and should be applied in such a manner. 
The idea of recovery at Go Primal is not a new one. I wrote about it at length in Inside Go Primal, Part II, but hadn’t fully embraced how important it was until just recently. That importance is reflected in the many changes we’ve made since 2008 to improve safety, retention, recovery and results. 
  1. Three of our coaches are licensed massage therapists and we have one full-time therapists on staff to work with nothing but injuries.
  2. Our programs are more scalable now than ever before and are modified in such a way to concurrently accommodate a beginner and advanced level trainee. The biggest fear for most beginners is they won’t be able to keep up. Not true. Training loads, volume and movements can easily be adjusted so you can keep up and train next to anyone.
  3. We specialize in identifying which movement(s) are appropriate for which clients. For example, few clients do kipping pull-ups or kipping toes-to-bar because their spinal range of motion and strength are less than adequate. As it improves and they demonstrate the ability to move through a full range of motion with control and stability kipping may be introduced. Until then however, the cost of teaching a client a movement that will likely hurt them far outweighs the benefit. This isn’t CrossFit.
  4. Other movements you’ll likely never see in our regular groups include Pistols, high rep Olympic lifts in circuits, and Sit-ups (or any movement that flexes the spine).
  5. Each group has two experienced coaches. That way we can more effectively accommodate beginners to ensure they are having success and moving through the program in a way that is safe and productive.
  6. We offer Structural Balance Training to supplement the group training experience. These are custom assessments and strength training programs to address the muscle imbalances that preclude injury.
  7. Fitness as a sport is very different than fitness for health. Those interested in fitness as a sport are educated on the dangers associated with training in this way and constitutes a very small percentage of our clientele. We have a separate program for them called Programmed Athletics.
Eight years have passed since we first opened in a dingy warehouse space on 6th street in downtown Gainesville. The location has changed, the faces that occupy it have come and gone, and we are left with what we’ve always had: our intellect and passion for the field of strength, conditioning, health, and the pursuit of human excellence. 
More than anything this article is a proclamation; an announcement that we are not who you might think we are. We are visionaries, entrenched in a multitude of ideas that fuel us. We learn as much as we teach, intensely aware of our never ending need for progress and change. 
Go Primal is for anyone and everyone. There are no prerequisites or requirements for entry, just a belief that you can make something better of yourself. This belief is the halfway point between where you are and where you want to be. So Start.
I've been trying to mix in explosive movements into our warm-ups. The benefit is better activation of the nervous system in preparation for the workout itself. This morning we did Banded KBS. The elastic recoil is intense and really 'turns rings on'.

I’ve been trying to mix explosive movements into our warm-ups. The benefit is better activation of the nervous system in preparation for the workout itself. This morning we did Banded KBS. The elastic recoil is intense and really ‘turns things on’.

Another  look. It's fast and furious.

Another look. It’s fast and furious.

One of my favorite combos.  This one, unlike the Banded KBS, requires precision and balance.

One of my favorite combos. This one, unlike the Banded KBS, requires precision and balance.

Not only do our girls do 'real' push-ups. They do Ring Push-ups. A hundred of them.

Not only do our girls do ‘real’ push-ups. They do Ring Push-ups. One hundred of them to be exact.

Jennifer showing great position during her 40 sec max effort Wall Ball.

Jennifer showing great position during her 40 sec max effort Wall Ball.

Approaching a heavy single in the Deadlift Strength Ladder

Brian approaching a heavy single in the Deadlift Strength Ladder.

I specified the DB had to pass the knees to count.

I specified the DB had to pass the knees to count.