11.28.14 Training Sessions (2)

Workout 1, General Preparation (IWT)
KB Complex
10x Halos (L/R) +
10x ATW (L/R) +
10x Figure 8’s +
10x Goblet Squats +
10x Snatch (L/R) +
10x Windmills +
2x TGU 
1 set @ 35/25
1 set @ 45/30
Phase I
12x KB Headcutter + 
1:00 ME Row, Ski Erg, Airdyne +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase II
12x KB Box Step-ups (Hold 2x KB in rack position) +
1:00 ME Row, Ski Erg, Airdyne +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase III
6-1 Ladder of the following:
Wall Walks +
15x BB Grip Roll-ups
Looks like…
6x Wall Walks + 15x BB Grip Roll-ups +
5x Wall Walks + 15x BB Grip Roll-ups, etc…
Cool Down
Workout 2, Strength
Get warm
6×3 Dead Stop Back Squats @ 245# (3 sec pause against pins in bottom position)
Rest plenty between sets
Each set must be unbroken. Rest as bit between sets
4xME Garhammer Raises with Eccentric Enhancement. 
Coach’s Comment
Here’s a concept I can relate to:
“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”
I first read about this concept from Mark Divine, who wrote the book 8-Weeks to SealFit. It immediately resonated with me and my coaching style/approach to fitness. When I compete or do anything ‘for time’ I never rush. Instead I try to focus intently on moving smoothly, steadily, and with as much efficiency as possible. Of course this approach isn’t likely to win you the Crossfit games, but it keeps you competitive and more importantly injury free.
The problem with so many coaches and relative beginners to fitness (less than 10 years of experience) is they are too quick to adapt the training programs and styles of champions without once taking into consideration how they got to where they are. 99.9% of the stuff champions are doing now is inappropriate and way too complex for a novice or new comer to the fitness game. Instead, investigate what these champions were doing when they first started training, because that’s where most of need to start. Who cares what Klokov is doing. It’s not appropriate for you. Who cares what Froning is doing, you can’t handle the volume. The extremes of fitness are inspiring and have a lot to teach us, but unless you’re in the 99th percentile and have been training for decades, it’s worthless for directing your own training. 
Stick with the basics, because the basics work. 
The primary focus when you first start training should always be on understanding the tiny details that make each exercise special and effective and training your own physique to perform each detail with absolute perfection each and every rep. There are so many little ‘tricks’ to create better positions, more efficiency, and less likelihood of derangement. Each movement is like a piece of art. It should be studied, broken-down, and executed as such; every set, every rep, every workout. 
Speed is an eventual by product. So strive to be methodical not fast. Strive to master each exercise and the details that make them so magical. 
One big goal I have for next year is to fully catalog all the movements we do at Go Primal into 3-6 minute videos outlining the coaching points we feel are most relevant. This amazing resource will serve new and old clients alike in their quest to become movement virtuosos; to be smooth; and to eventual streamline smoothness into speed. 
Check out my FB page for a quick little video on the Garhammer Raise with Eccentric Enhancement. This will be part of a bigger article called “Crunches are for Losers. Coach’s top choices for Abdominal Conditioning.” 
Another one of my choice core movements.

Another choice core movements. The Walkout Plank.