1.1.16 Happy New Year


From Percy Cerutty’s 1967 book “ Be Fit Or Be Damned” 

There are two attitudes of mind, especially, that the older man must guard against. The one is – living in the past: his accomplishments of yesteryear: fantasies as to his boyhood: his athletic or sporting successes: his high-marked examinations. To do this is to admit failure as to the present.

In this age group there are still ‘championships’ to be won: feats of strength even outdoing the young: capacities and demonstrations just as good as he ever enjoyed, since all things are relative.

The other is – projecting himself too much into the future: sacrificing today for a perhaps, nebulous, tomorrow. There must be balance.

Too many men have worked ceaselessly in order that they can enjoy a reward at 50, or 60, only to find that through lack of ‘practice,’ that is, keeping alive from week to week the thing they look forward to enjoying, they have lost the capacity for that particular form of enjoyment.

Further …
In any case, whatever the attitude the approach to any problem, or difficulty, must be through the mind. In the matter of health and fitness, as in any other successful venture, the person must feel the need, the real and pressing need, for what he aims at, otherwise, most of his ‘aims’ will be found to be ‘wishful thinking.’

Unless there is ‘feeling’, a deep inner need and desire, a real interest, there will not be sufficient enthusiasm to carry through with the project, whatever it may be. The Will only functions as an expression of feeling. Of itself, it is useless, since will cannot will.

Where there is emotional content the Will will be aroused, and remain dominant, just as long as we are still emotionally motivated

Happy New Year!