3.20.16 Re-Post from 2012

I often look back into the archive for pearls of wisdom or to check in with my current line of thinking. Reflection is something none of us do enough of. The modern mentality is typically “what is next.” That’s fine, but there’s real value in refection. And so tonight I reflect on an old idea with new insights. 

Here is something I wrote back in 2012. It rings true (if not truer today than then). And now that there are so many more people in the Go Primal orbit, it’s a fresh reminder of an old idea that should be shared with new friends, colleagues, and followers. Enjoy.

I am often confronted by athletes who feel they are stuck in a rut. Personal transformations typically begins with rapid changes and as time passes progress slows. This is the natural order of progress. The window of adaptation closes as one gets closer to their genetic potential. And for many the ceiling can be quite high. For others, perhaps less genetically-gifted individuals, the window closes very fast and progress that was once speedy can come to a screeching halt. 
How do you get past the inevitability of stagnation? How do you once again experience the gains you did when you first started training? Well, the answer is no difference than it was months or years ago. At some point you made time to be intensely more physical than in the past. And at some point you started eating a bit better, exchanging sugar and bread for honey and greens. These small changes, stacked one on top of the other, produced a significant alteration in your character, physicality, and mindset. And now, even with those same proven strategies in place, you find yourself once again faced with a choice. 
Now, another change must occur. It may not have to be drastic. It may only have to occur in the moments you’re in the gym. Or it may require a subtle presence outside the gym that never existed before. One thing’s for sure. It will require huge discipline and consistency. Inconsistency is the biggest antagonist to positive change. What we don’t realize is that change is cumulative. A “here and there” approach is ineffective. You are a reflection of what you do DAILY, not what you do here or there. 
Stop eating sugar.
Get to bed on time.
Drink lots and lots of water.
Train harder than you’ve ever trained. 
Take some chances in the gym.
Add a day in the gym. 
Add a day outside the gym.
Buy organic food.
Put more effort into recovery. 
It doesn’t matter. All of these suggestions will work. The bottom line is you can’t be scared to “go all in.” Of course your fat, out of shape friends will jump at the opportunity to chastise you, debunk your philosophies, or tell you to “live a little.” Fuck them. They settle. And because of it they have nothing in common with an individual who has given everything they have to a task; who will stop at nothing to be something better. Why do we do it? We do it because life is not about accumulating “stuff” or justifying poor choices with even poorer thinking. 
The end goal is not to put more weight on the bar or to run faster. The end goal is to look back and know the collection of your decisions led to something beyond what a “normal” person is willing to do. I am disgusted by the state of human existence. And in 100 years the majority of humans will be unrecognizable twerps. Not me. And surely not you. Not now, not ever.  
So step up and stop wondering why you’re stagnant. You’re stagnant because you’ve done nothing to justify improvement. Showing up guarantees nothing. Showing up and breaking yourself, remodeling yourself, and doing the things no one wants to do because it’s too hard…that is the foundation of change. ]
Onward and Upward,
Coach Chris
Greatness exists in all of us.

Greatness exists in all of us.