4.11.17 Training Sessions (2)


Against a 40 minute clock
In teams of two…
0-10: Max Calorie Row, Ski Erg or Assault Bike – Score 1
10-11: Transition
11-28: EMOM 5x In-Sync Burpees + M.E. Thruster (P1 works on even minutes, P2 works on odd minutes) – Score 2
29-30: Transition
30-40: 1200m Sandbag Ruck (coach selects load). Switch as needed. The bag cannot touch the ground.
Calories + Thrusters = Score. Score only counts if the sandbag ruck is completed within 10 minute cap
Cool Down



Glute activation work
3×5 Paused Deadlifts (Deadlift of the floor, pause for 2 sec, finish lift)
Stay light and under control
3×5 Sumo Deadlifts, across
3×8 Snatch grip RDLs
8x KB Front-Rack Cyclist Squats after each set of RDLs
Cool down



Volume and intensity are great equalizers. If you want to know if you’ve mastered a specific movement, do it over and over and over again. If every rep is through a full range of motion and looks the same you’re approaching mastery. Conversely, if range of motion suffers and movement quality is variable then lower both volume and intensity and work to perfect the fundamental elements of that movement FIRST. Short of that, you’re asking for trouble. Lack of movement mastery in the presence of either too much volume or intensity is a not-so-magical formula for failure.




Believe it or not this was the easiest part of the workout. Oh, and happy birthday Minde.