5.29.17 Training Sessions (1), Memorial Day Workout


In teams of two…
Rest 3:00 minutes
Station #1: Max Distance Prowler Push (60m: 60m) – 1 point per meter
Rest 3:00 minutes
Station #2: Max Sledgehammer Strikes (10:10) – 1 point per strike
Rest 3:00 minutes
Station #3: Max Distance Ski Erg, switch every 30 sec – 1 point per meter
Rest 3:00 minutes
Station #4: Max Team Burpees (5:5) – 1 point per Burpee
Rest 3:00 minutes
Station #5: Max Reps Sandbag Cleans over shoulder @ 150/80 (1:1) – 5 point per rep
Rest 3:00 minutes
Station #6: Air Assault Calorie, switch every 30s – 1 point per calorie
Rest 3:00 minutes
Station #7: Wall Ball Shots (10:10) – 1 point per rep
Rest 2:00 minutes
Cool Down







Today is about much more than barbecues, beer, and pool parties. While these things are distinctly American it’s also important to remember the freedoms and liberties we are so blessed to experience on a daily basis. While much of the world is starving, doesn’t have clean running water, and are openly persecuted for their personal beliefs, our status as Americans affords us a quality of life few possess. And while we may not agree on everything I think we can safely agree we are blessed to be Americans; to live in this land of freedom and abundance. May we recognize the sacrifices of those who have paid the ultimate price and show empathy to those who are not as fortunate. Thanks to all who have served this great country.