6.15.17 Training Sessions (2)


“CV Primer”
In teams of two…
1-6-1 Reverse Burpee Relay
Stand at the rig, sprint to the wall, do your Reverse Burpee(s) and sprint back to tag your partner.
10x Alternating Forward Lunges (use Rev Lunge if athlete has poor forward lunge mechanics), AHAP +
8x Push Press +
1-7 Strict T2B Labber
Round 1: 10x Lunges + 8x Push Press + 1x Strict T2B
Round 2: 10x Lunges + 8x Push Press + 2x Strict T2B, etc…
Continue to 7x Strict T2B
Static Hold Cool Down
Pick two holds and alternate between them for 8 minutes without rest
1. L-Sit
2. Bent-Arm Hang or Dead Hang
3. Dip Support (stationary or rings)
4. Handstand Hold (i.e. Toes-n-Nose or scaled version)
5. Chinese Plank, on back




5-1 BB Complex
Deadlift +
Bent-Over Row +
Front Squat +
Strict / Push Press +
Back Squat
Set 1: 5 reps each movement, AHAP
Set 2: 4 reps each movement, AHAP
Set 3: 3 reps each movement, AHAP
Set 4: 2 reps each movement, AHAP
Set 5: 1 reps each movement, AHAP
Rest as needed between sets
Establish a challenging 6-rep Double Overhand Axle Deadlift
EMOM x 12
6x Double Overhand Axle Deads, AHAP
DB Biceps Curl Drop Set
Choose a challenging weight for 8-10 Supinated-Grip Biceps Curls on the first set.
Drop 5lbs, do max reps
Drop another 5lbs, do max reps
Straight Bar Biceps Curl Strip Set
Load your BB with either all 5lb or 10lb plates.
Choose a weight on the first set that will allow for 8-10 reps
Strip a plate off each side, do max reps
Strip another plate off each side, do max reps
Try not to crash your car on the way home.







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