8.24.17 Training Sessions (2)


In teams of two…
4x250m Runs, 2 each alternating +
45x DB Curtis P’s, 3:3 (Reverse Lunge + Reverse Lunge + Clean + STO) @ 2×30/20 +
4x250m Runs, 2 each alternating
150x Push-ups, partition as needed +
4x250m Runs +
80x KB Thrusters, 10:10 @ 2×45/30 +
4x250m Runs +
50x Strict, DH Pull-ups (70x Ring Rows) +
4x250m Runs +
200x KBS @ 53/35, partition as needed
For time
Cool Down




BulletProof shoulder sequence
Bench Press
4×8 – Each rep with a 5s eccentric
In between each set do one of two:

  1. 4-8 Pull Ups with 5s eccentric
  2. 8-12 Ring Rows with 5s eccentric
Rest 2-3 mins between sets.
4 Sets
8x SA DB Row (each side)
8x SA DB Push Press (each side)
Can climb each set if able to
Rest 2 mins between sets
With time remaining
Max time Double KB Front Rack hold
*Every drop switch to max time High Plank hold
Cool Down


Stand tall and breathe.