8.25.17 Training Sessions (3)


In teams of two…
300x Lunges (25:25) “Buy-in”
10/8 Calories, any machine +
1-10 DB Man-Makers
P1 does 10/8 Calories + 1x DB Man-Makers
P2 does 10/8 Calories + 1x DB Man-Makers
P1 does 10/8 Calories + 2x DB Man-Makers
P2 does 10/8 Calories + 2x DB Man-Makers, etc.
750m Run “Cash-out”




3×5 Off Box Squats
Front Squats
5×5 Climbing
4 Sets
10x BB Rev Lunges
10x DB Bent Over Rows
50 Sandbag Squats for time (AHAP) – Shouldn’t be able to get 50 straight
*Every Drop is a 10 sec hold added on to the end of the set* (Drop 3 times they have a 30s hold after)
Cool Down




40 min running clock
In team of two:
Minutes 0-10:
Double Isabelle (60 Snatches)
MINUTES 10-20:
Double Grace (60 Clean and Jerks)
MINUTES 20-30:
Heavy Fran (21-15-9 Thrusters and C2B Pull Ups at 135/95)
MINUTES 30-40:
Double Karen (300 Wall Balls)




You can do more with the Yoke than just carry it.