8.31.17 Training Sessions (3)


“10,000 Excuses”
In teams of four, compete 10,000m
Each player gets 1:00 on the Rower or Ski Erg
During 3:00 “rest” rotate through the following:
Rest 1:  30x Wall Ball @ 20/14
Rest 2: 5x Strict Pull-ups + 10x Strict Push-ups + 15x Ab Mat Sit-ups
Rest 3: 12x KBS + 12x Reverse Goblet Lunges @ 45/30
For time




3×5 Steering Wheel Squats
Front Squat
Work up to a Heavy 3 Front Squat.
-then with that weight-
3x(3-2-1) – 1 minute rest between sets. 2 min rest between waves.
4 Sets
12 Cyclist Squats
12 DB RDL’s
(Climb if able to)
6 Rounds
:30/:20 Off Double KB Front Rack Hold 53/53




I’m a big fan of the 40% rule. Just when you think you’ve reached your limit, you actually have another 50-60% left. But your mind is programmed to turn down the volume. You have to teach it to turn the volume up and allow you to do what you’re REALLY capable of. That’s what it’s all about.