9.19.17 Training Sessions (2)


“Shiver Me Timbers”
In teams of four…
P1 250m Run
P2 M.E. Row/Ski Erg for duration of run
P3 1 round of Cindy*
P4 Rest
8000m/7000m for time
40′ Cap

*Cindy is 5x Strict Pull-ups + 10x HR Push-ups + 15x Squats



Banded Glute Warm Up
Back Squat
5×3 Climbing
Reduce weight by 10%
4 Rounds
:30 Front Rack Hold
3 Sets
10 Double KB cyclist squats (farmers hold)
10 Goblet squats with one KB
(Ideally do the 10 cyclist squats, step off the plate, put a KB down and do the goblet squats)




Proper depth.