5.8.18 Training Sessions (3)


Station 1, 12′ AMRAP 
P1 10x “Quick” Whips + 10m Rope Pull/Sprint w/chains
P2 Wall Sit for the duration of Whips and Pulls
P3 Rest

Station 2, 12′ AMRAP
3-Player Ski Erg Relay, switch every 20 pulls (max calories). Record on whiteboard.

Station 3, 12′ AMRAP
P1 “Move the Mountain” (move five objects of various shapes and loads one at a time from one end of the gym to the other as quickly as possible)
P2 Dead Hang for the duration of Move the Mountain. Scale up by doing a Strict Pull-up each time a new implement is picked up
P3 Rest OR if you dropped from the bar prior to completion of P1’s turn receive a 5x Burpee penalty.



3×5 Cuban Press
6×3 Strict Press, climbing
8x BB Shrugs +
8x DB Floor Press +
8x Hanging Rows
4 sets
5x Strict T2B +
10x Curls +
15x Grip Roll-ups
3 sets
Cool Down




The formula for success is simple no matter what you’re trying to do, whether it’s to become a millionaire, lose fat, get stronger, change the world, learn a new skill, etc.
1. Surround yourself with overachievers and eliminate your time with people that don’t create opportunities for themselves.
2. Your goal must become an obsession.
3. See problems as opportunities. Problems/roadblocks will most certainly arise. How will you deal with them? Will you rise up and find a solution or will you fold?
4. Don’t just stay busy, stay productive! Successful people are excellent time managers and can squeeze months out of years and minutes out of hours.
5. Invest in your education. NEVER stop learning, especially when it comes to your career.
I’ll give you five more tomorrow.
Make it a great day everyone.