7.24.18 Training Sessions (2)


In teams of three… (go in heats, stagger the start by 3-4 minutes. When the first wave of athletes completes their rope climbs start a second heat. A third heat may be required)
1. 15x Rope Climbs (sassy = flat-footed start, NO jumping). Each player must do 5 reps
2. 400m run, together
3. Three rounds*
30x DB Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35) +
30x DB Box Step-Overs (same DBs, both), 24/20 +
60x Wall Ball (20/24) +
60x Explosive Sit-ups (20/14)
While one player is working another player is on Assault Bike, Ski Erg, or Rower accumulating calories. Each calories lowers your score by one second.
P1 Work through chipper
P2/P3 Calories
Switch in and out as you see fit until 2 rounds of chipper is complete
4. 400m run, together +
5. 15x Rope Climbs (5 each)
40′ Cap
Cool Down




Deadlift Strength Ladder (athlete’s choice: convention vs. sumo)
10 reps
9 reps
8 reps
7 reps
6 reps
5 reps
4 reps
3 reps
2 reps
1 rep
As reps descend, load increases. Rest plenty between sets. If you’re feeling it go for a new PR!
During “rest” perform 10x Strict Push-ups (100 total). Scale up to Dips
Cool Down