8.2.18 Training Sessions (2)


Class Marathon Row (42,195m)

1 Rower – 10,548m goal
2 Rowers – 10,548m goal (each)
3 Rowers – 10,548m goal (each)
4 Rowers – 10,548m goal (each)
5 Rowers – 8,439m goal (each)
6 Rowers – 7032m goal (each)

2-4 athletes per Rower. Each player gets 30-45s on the Rower.
When they exit the Rower they must perform the following movements before they get back on:
Round 1: 20x Wall Ball (20/14)
Round 2: 150m Run
Round 3: Rope Climb (Elite x 6, Pro x 4, Amateur x 5 Modified)
Continue in this fashion and stay in order until each rower completes the prescribed distance.
50′ Cap



5x Double KB Bottoms-up Press +
20x Shoulder Taps
20x Rev. Snow Angels
3 sets
Work up to a heavy 7-rep Close-Grip Bench Press (3-4 sets)
2x (7-5-3) Bench Press Waves
Between sets do 5x Strict Pull-ups + 10x Standing BB Curls
20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 DB Floor Press (50/25) + 100m Sprint on Ski erg between each set (males <20s, females <25s) between each rung
3×12 Seated DB External Rotation