10.2.18 Training Sessions (2)


Teams of two…
100x Wall Ball (20/14)
50 Calories (any machine)
80x American KBS (53/40)
40 Calories
60x DB Push Press (50/30)
30 Calories
40x DB Box Step-Overs (24/20), same DBs
20 Calories
20x Burpee/Pull-ups (8’/6′)
10 Calories
10 Synchronized Wall Walks
10 Calories
20x Burpee/Pull-ups
20 Calories
40x DB Box-Step-Overs
30 Calories
60x DB Push Press
40 Calories
80x American KBS
50 Calories
100x Wall Ball
For time
40′ Cap



2×10 Frog Glute Bridges
50x Alternating Supermans
3×5 (each) KB Single-Leg Deadlifts, climbing
Work up to a heavy 5-rep conventional Deadlift (NOT a 5RM), 3-4 sets
Then, with that load…
3 reps + 10s Hold + 2 reps + 10s Hold + 1 rep + Drop
This is one set. D0 4 sets, climbing
6×100′ Prowler Sprints (load with approx. 30% of your BEST Deadlift).
Sprint as fast as possible, rest enough to maintain intensity/fast.
Cool Down with Reverse Hypers on Bench




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