12.31.18 Training Session (1), Holiday Workout

In teams of two, the goal is to complete 2019 reps
Three teams will perform a 8x30yd Bear Crawl Sprints on turf
While those teams are pushing sleds the others are working through the following stations:
1. Burpees/Box Jumps (24/20), partition as you see fit
2. Assault Bike Calories (30s:30s)
3. DB Snatch (50/35), partition each as you see fit
4. Wall Ball, partition as you see fit
5. Ski Erg Calories (20 pulls:20 pulls)
2 rounds or 70′, whichever comes first.
Immediately after two rounds teams can choose a 250m, 400m, or 800m run to get them to 2019 reps.
Party, you earned it!