8.2.19 Training Sessions (3)

“CV Primer”
EMOM x 10
1. 16x Alt. DB Snatches (50/30)
2. 8x Burpee/Split Jumps
“Keep Choppin”
200x Squats
100x KBS (40/30), Rx+ 53/40
50x HR Push-ups
50x Box Jumps (24″/20″), Rx+ 30″/24″
100x Squats
50x KBS
25x HR Push-ups
25x Box Jumps
For time
Cool Down


3×8 DB SOTS Press
3×10 OH Band Tears
5×5 Paused (2s) BB Bench Press, across
Between sets do 15x DB Cyclist Row on bench
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets
Rice Bucket:
20s/20s Flexion and Extension
20s Clockwise and Counter Clockwise
20s Finger Extensions
Switch hands
This is one set, do 3
Cool Down


Each athlete picks four tasks. The goal is to finish each, or else there’s a penalty.

The penalty must be completed prior to moving on to the next station.  Athlete must complete the station before doing the penalty. For example,  if they choose Option B and they only get in 130 Wall Balls in 7 minutes they must first complete the 150 Wall Balls AND THEN do the additional 30 Wall Ball penalty (180 total).

Option A: 30/20 RMU in 5 minutes. Penalty 20 Ring Dips
Option B: 150 Wall Balls in 7 minutes. Penalty extra 30 Wall Balls
Option C: 30 KB Hang Squat Clean and Jerks 50/35# in 3:00. Penalty 15 Front Squats
Option D: Mile Run in 8 minutes. Penalty 500m run.
Option E: 75 Burpee Plate Hops in 5 minutes. Penalty 20 extra burpees
Option F:  40 Strict or 60 kipping HSPUs in 5 minutes. Penalty 20 Hand Release Push Ups
Option G: 3 rounds: 10 DB Step Ups + 6 Devils Press in 6 minutes Men 24”& 50# DBs Women 20” & 35# DBs