The Power of the Mind

Two summers ago I read the book The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. This is an extraordinary book about the power of our thoughts and the impact they have on us.

Research that analyzed the results of 84 clinical drug trials from 1990 to 2013 for medications prescribed to treat chronic pain, found that in the US the placebo effect has been steadily increasing. By 2013, patients receiving just placebos remarkably experienced an average of a 30% decrease in pain levels.

This demonstrates that belief can be a powerful key that allows us to unlock mental states and abilities that we might not otherwise be able to access.

As Bruce H. Lipton explains, “If the brain expects that a treatment will work, it sends healing chemicals into the bloodstream to facilitate it. That’s why the placebo effect is so powerful for every type of healing. And the opposite is equally true and equally powerful: When the brain expects that a therapy will not work, it doesn’t. It’s called the nocebo effect.”

Definitely something to “think about.

9.5.19 Training Sessions (2)

16x DB Walking Lunge (35/25) +
1-6 Strict T2B Ladder
Right into…
30x Mountain Climbers + 5x Strict Pull-ups +
6-8-10-12-15 Calories, any machine
Right into…
12x Heavy Sumo Squats (70/53) +
1-8 Burpee/Split Jumps
Right into…
10x DB Push Press (35/25) +
1-10 Box Jump Ladder (24/20)
Cool Down



3×6 1-Arm KB Bottoms-up Press, climbing
3×8 Push-ups with a PLUS
12-10-8-6-6 Fat Bar Bench Press, climbing (each set should be close to failure)
Between sets do 15x Banded Face Pulls
3×10 (ea) Single-Arm Fat DB Chest Press, AHAP
Between sets do 12-15x DB Reverse Flyes (light and perfect)
4×8 Seated DB Zottman Curls @ 4010 tempo
Between sets do 10x DB Front Raise/Upright Row Combo
Cool Down