9.14.19 Training Sessions (2), Go Primal Games

“CV Primer”
200′ KB Shuttle (53/35)
Alternate with a partner for 10′
150m OH Plate Carry (45/25) +
24x Burpee/Plate Hops +
24x Alt. KB Headcutter Reverse Lunges (53/35)
3 rounds for time
25′ cap
20x Alt. Box Step-up Hops (24″/20″) +
20s L-Hang from Pull-up Bar +
12x Alt. DB Renegade Rows (30/20)
2-3 sets
Cool Down



Divide the class into three even groups…

Group A
EMOM x 12
1. 12x DBL KB Front Squats, AHAP
2. 40s Reverse Plank

Rest 2-3 mins

Group B
EMOM x 12
1. 12x KB Suitcase Lunge, right
2. 12x KB Suitcase Lunge, left

Rest 2-3 mins

Group C
EMOM x 12
1. 5/3 ARMS-ONLY Assault Bike
2. 15x DB Floor Press, AHAP
Cool Down

The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things.

The best things in life aren’t things.

In the words of the late great George Carlin, “trying to be happy by accumulating material possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.”

Happiness and luxury involve passion, love, friendship, and being unrushed. It’s about not being in a hurry and having the ability to pause whenever you wish. It’s also about wanting what you already have.