9.21.19 Training Sessions (4)

“CV Primer”
EMOM x 10
1. 16x KB Figure 8’s (53/35)
2. 2x TGU (same bell)
Against a 2:00 clock…
15/12 Calories (any machine) +
M.E. Wall Balls (20/14) in the time remaining +
1:00 Rest
3 rounds
Rest a bit
Against a 2:00 clock…
150m Sprint +
M.E. DB Burpees (50/30) in the time remaining
1:00 Rest
3 rounds
Rest a bit
Against a 2:00 clock…
10x DB Curtis P’s (30/20) +
M.E. Sit-ups in the time remaining
1:00 rest
3 rounds
Cool Down



“Core Primer”
EMOM x 12
Males use 2×53, Females use 2×35
1. 30s Awkward Hold (one KB overhead, one Farmers)
2. 12x Double KBS
3. 30s Awkward Hold
4. 12x Clap Push-ups
12x (ea) KB Suitcase Deadlift (70+/53+) +
12x (6 each) Alt. KB Strict Press +
30s/30s Archer Plank
4 sets
4x Banded KB Grip Roll-ups (flexion), AHAP +
10x Fat Bar Curls, AHAP +
4x Banded KB Grip Roll-ups (extension), AHAP +
30s Supinated-Grip Dead Hang from Pull-up bar
2-3 sets, time permitting
Cool Down



Workout 1:

Log Press

Workout 2:
Work up to a semi-challenging 3-position Snatch (HH, AK, BK)
Then, using that load…
E2MOM x 10 (20′)
30x Double-Unders +
3-Position Snatch

Workout 3:
400m Sandbag Bear Hug Carry (135/80)
Every drop = 15x Push-ups on the bag



Skill Work:
3×3 Pull-up + Pullover
3x60s Jump Rope “play”
Snatch Complex warm-up
4×2 High Hang Squat Snatch, climbing
3×2 Snatch Pulls, climbing (start at 95% of 1RM Snatch)
EMOM x 18
Minute 1: 12 KB Snatch (6/arm) 50/35#
Minute 2: R arm OH Walking Lunges + 5 burpees
Minute 3: L arm OH Walking Lunge + 5 A KBS
Cool Down




Bring Your Goals to Life with a Vision Board

I did my first ever vision board about 10 years ago after watching the movie “The Secret.” I’ve always been into goal setting and visualization so a vision board was a no-brainer.

I stumbled across my first ever vision board about five years later in a box in the attic and was amazed I had actually accomplished every single thing I put on it. I remember looking at my vision board, studying it, and visualizing each picture as if I had already achieved it. I did this every day for over a year.

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. A vision board works through the law of attraction. The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience through your thoughts.

You are what you think about!

Our cells experience our most dominant thoughts as ultimate reality, so why not shape those thoughts so we can create the exact future we want?

When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.
Knowing this, an effective vision board should include the exact emotions you want to achieve, in addition to all physical/material desires. Use pictures in magazines, the internet, personal photos, etc. to create your board. Add some flare and make it uniquely yours. When possible try to use pictures that evoke very specific emotions.

Sit by your board for a designated amount of time each day. Breathe in your accomplishments and embrace your power as a creator. Eventually these desires will thread themselves into your life in a manner that is seamless and natural.

If you can see it you can be it