There are several reasons why most people don’t practice good nutrition and lifestyle habits.

1.) Don’t believe the statistics apply to them.
2.) Trust that the medical establishment will be able to “fix” whatever happens
to them.
3.) Use medications to mask symptoms and think the problem has been solved.
4.) Expect their insurance to cover all of their healthcare costs.
5.) Family upbringing and peer pressure.
6.) Lack of understanding and motivation.
7.) Addicted to poor nutrition and lifestyle habits.
8.) Want immediate gratification.
9.) Fast paced lifestyle. No time to select, prepare or eat real foods.
10.) Advertising and media manipulation that reinforce the medical model that it’s not your fault and it’s not your responsibility. You have a medical condition, call your doctor who will prescribe xyz.

Disease prevention and health maintenance cannot be addressed with drugs and surgery alone because there is no drug or surgical intervention that can overcome or negate the effects of poor diet, inadequate sleep, malnutrition, stress, lack of exercise and an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

Take responsibility for yourself. That is health.