10.18.19 Training Sessions (3), CF Open 20.2

In teams of two complete the following:
2000m Row/Ski* +
100x AKBS @ 70/50 +
90x Burpees +
1500m Row/Ski +
80x AKBS +
70x Burpees +
1000m Row/Ski +
60x AKBS +
50x Burpees +
500m Row/Ski +
40x AKBS +
30x Burpees +
250m Row/Ski +
20x AKBS +
10x Burpees
For time
45′ Cap
Cool Down



2×6 (ea) Single-Leg Glute Bridges with External Rotation
2×20 Alt. Shoulder Taps (maintain rigid midline)
Work up to a challenging 5-rep Front Squat (3-4 sets)
Then, starting with that load…
2x (5-3-1) Front Squat Waves
Between sets do 6×4 Negative Chins @ 4s eccentric
3x(20/10) Slideboard Hammies
Between each set do 5x (ea) Single-Leg KB/DB RDLs
2-3 sets
Cool Down with Reverse Crunches



Open Workout 20.2
4x DB Thrusters (50/35)
6x T2B
24x DUBs




Sleep Naked to Get Leaner

Sleeping naked can actually make you leaner and healthier. How?

Sleeping naked is one of the best ways to keep the body cool at night. When we get too hot or overheated we tend to produce excessive cortisol (stress hormone). Cortisol, at night, is not our friend, unless of course you need to spring into action to save your life.

Cortisol interrupts the production of anabolic (tissue repair and building) hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, and melatonin and negatively affects our ability to recover, heal, and build muscle. These hormones also boost our immune system and lower our risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So if you want to get leaner, sleep better, and improve your overall health, try sleeping naked.