I’ve studied Native American culture extensively. The Indians that occupied North America prior to the colonization of the white man were some of the most extraordinary people this planet has every harbored.

Few possessed the understanding of the symbiotic relationship between man and earth like the Native Americans. And while they were brutal and skilled warriors they spoke with eloquence and were peaceful by nature.

One thing I took from my studies is how the Native Americans rarely spoke without giving each sentence thought. There were no wasted words; no fillers. Each word was methodically chosen and delivered with intention.

I was instantly attracted to their lyrical discipline, but rarely took the time to practice it myself. Few of us do. We spout out the first thought that pops into our brains with little thought and even less consideration to how those words may be received or reflect upon us.

Recently I was reminded of the undeniable beauty of the Native American language, having come across a conversation between two chiefs back in the 1800s.

I have challenged myself yet again to speak with greater thought and furthermore to choose words that are congruent with LOVE.

Do you remember the motto WWJD. What would Jesus say? Well, how about What Would Love Say? Love is the most powerful force on earth. So why not harness it as often possible? Why not exemplify it in all you do?

This week take the time to consider your words before you speak. Take just a sliver of a moment to collect your thoughts and do so with love as the backdrop. What would Love say. How would Love respond? Is what I’m about to say congruent with Love?


These are important questions to ask and they take time to formulate. This level of introspection and discipline is admirable and consistent among great human beings.