12.9.19 Training Sessions (3)

“CV Primer”
In groups of three…
“Move the Mountain”
Move three kettlebells of various loads from one end of the gym to the other, one at a time
Rest while partners go
3 rounds each
16x DBL KB Front Squats (2×53/35) +
30x Explosive Box Step-up Hops (24″/20″) +
200m KB Farmer’s Carry (same KBs)
3 rounds
In the time remaining…
5x Strict Pull-ups +
10x Strict Push-ups +
15x Sit-ups
1:00 HARD pace interval
Cool Down



2×5 Weighted Dislocates (2.5 – 5lbs)
2×5 Push-ups with a PLUS
2×10 Crossover Symmetry External Rotation
In as few sets as possible…
40x Bench Press (135/75) +
60x Standing Straight Bar Curls (45/35) +
20x Bench Press (same load) +
30x Standing Straight Bar Curls
30s Dead Hang (remove index finger from bar) +
10-6-3 KB Windmills (ea.), climbing
2x60s Fingertip Plank
Cool Down



Prep Work:
2 rounds:
30sec on/ 15 transition
Toes-n-Nose Handstand Hold
Hollow Hold
Dead Hang with activation shrugs. Purposely activate lats while hanging and then disengage. Casually alternate between two positions.
Skill Work:
3 Rounds: 10 minutes
Sassy: ME UB Handstand Walk + 10 BB Good Mornings: Start w empty barbell add weight if needed second two rounds
Rx: 30’ Handstand Walk + 10x Barbell Good Mornings
Fitness: 16x Shoulder Taps + 10x Barbell Good Mornings
Snatch Complex Warm-up
5 sets (15-18′)
Power Snatch + Full Snatch- reset in between
** Ankle mobility between sets if needed.
Met Con:
15 minute AMRAP
30x Dubs
3x Bear Complexes (135/95)
30x Dubs
5x Ring Muscle Ups
Cool Down




Four Simple Ways to Improve Communication

As I mentioned in a previous tip, over 55% of all communication is non-verbal. The likelihood of a positive human interaction can be dramatically improved with few simple “tricks.”

1. Be open. Open body language in it’s simplest form means pointing your feet and heart directly at the other person.

2. Eye contact. Nothing speaks more than making good eye contact. Good eye contact signals connection, interest, and confidence.

3. Synchronization. Try to match the postures, head tilt, hand gestures, and overall body position of the other person, unless of course they are not open, have their arms crossed, or are not focused, in which case you can try to change their body language by using the above tips. Synchronization is key to a good connection.

4. Lean in. Leaning towards the other person indicates interest. Everyone wants to feel interesting.

Next time you’re having a face-to-face conversation try these simple Tips and see how it affects the quality of your connection with that person.

Coach Chris