As I mentioned in a previous tip, over 55% of all communication is non-verbal. The likelihood of a positive human interaction can be dramatically improved with few simple “tricks.”

1. Be open. Open body language in it’s simplest form means pointing your feet and heart directly at the other person.

2. Eye contact. Nothing speaks more than making good eye contact. Good eye contact signals connection, interest, and confidence.

3. Synchronization. Try to match the postures, head tilt, hand gestures, and overall body position of the other person, unless of course they are not open, have their arms crossed, or are not focused, in which case you can try to change their body language by using the above tips. Synchronization is key to a good connection.

4. Lean in. Leaning towards the other person indicates interest. Everyone wants to feel interesting.

Next time you’re having a face-to-face conversation try these simple Tips and see how it affects the quality of your connection with that person.

Coach Chris