Our Bodies are Dynamic Energy Fields

Our bodies are dynamic energy fields. At any given time we are either moving towards radiant health or away from it. Consider these incredible facts:

1. Our bodies change COMPLETELY every 7 years.
2. Our bodies change constantly with each breath.
3. Over 98% of the atoms in our bodies are replaced each year.
4. Our liver replaces itself about every 6 weeks.
5. Our skin replaces itself once a month.
6. The lining of our stomach replaces itself about every 5 days.
7. Our skeletal structure replaces itself about every 3 months.
8. Our hormones are in a constant state of motion and change.

The physical matter that made up your body a moment ago is different from the matter that forms your body right now in this moment. The food we eat and that thoughts that occupy our brains directly impacts the quality and formidability of all of the above phenomenon.

If we placed more attention on the constant change occurring within our bodies as we do on the seemingly permanent nature of the body, we could do amazing things. Indeed every second is an opportunity to positively or negatively impact our very being.

12.10.19 Training Sessions (2)

In teams of two, complete the following for time:
1200m Row/Ski or 100/80 Calorie Assault Bike
90 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
60 Box Step-Overs with Dumbbells (45-50#/30-35#, 24″/20″). **Sassy = two DBs
30 Burpee/Pull-ups (7’/6′)
1200m Row/Ski
30 Burpee/Pull-ups
60 Box Step-Overs with Dumbbells
90 Alt. DB Snatches
1200m Row/Ski
For time
40′ Cap
Cool Down



2×10 Alt. Cossack Squats @ BW
2x30s Prone “W” Holds
2×6 Kang Squats (empty BB)
Work up to a starting load for Tempo Back Squats
5×3 Variable Tempo Back Squats, climbing
Rep 1: 6 sec eccentric
Rep 2: 4 sec eccentric
Rep 3: 2 sec eccentric
3×10 DB Cyclist Squats (elevate heels onto a 45# comp plate)
Chase each set with 10-12x Banded KBS, AHAP
3×12 Reverse Crunches off bench
Cool Down