If you’ve ever been coached by me you’ve heard me say over and over again that protein is THE most important macronutrient for muscle gain, fat loss, and detoxification. Here is a list of my top ten lean protein sources:

  1. 4oz. Elk – 25g
  2. 3.5oz Bison – 29g
  3. 6oz. Lobster – 28g
  4. 3oz. Scallops – 20g
  5. 2 scoops of Ascent Whey Protein – 50g
  6. 3oz. of Roasted Turkey or Chicken Breast – 24g
  7. 3/4 cup Icelandic Provisions Yogurt – 20g
  8. Egg Whites – 6g per egg (i usually eat 2-3 yolks and 5-6 whites)
  9. 3oz. Yellowfin Tuna – 25g
  10. 3oz. Filet Mignon (Beef) – 23g
  11. **Bonus** 1 scoop of Ascent Micellar Casein Protein – 25g

Wondering how much protein is enough protein? If you’re active and do resistance training somewhere between 1.0 – 1.25g/pound of bodyweight should suffice.