Estrogen dominance is a real problem in modern society, be it from an over abundance of foreign estrogens in our environment, obesity, or critical nutrient deficiencies. Here are five simple ways to help reduce your estrogen load.

  1. Take zinc. I recommend somewhere between 75-225mg / day depending on your current levels. Zinc, among its many other functions, is an aromatase inhibitor and works to prevent the conversion of valuable testosterone into estrogen.
  2. Use 100% pure organic health products whiners possible. Commercial health products are laden with parabens and other estrogen-mimicking compounds. Check out from comprehensive rating of your current health care products; everything from shampoos to shaving cream to deodorants.
  3. Use glass whenever possible, especially for storage or food and water. Plastics contain dangerous BPAs, a strong estrogen mimicker.
  4. Lose some fat. Inside our fat cells are enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen. The less fat you have the less estrogen you make.
  5. Consider taking an estrogen-clearing supplement of two: Curcumin, Green Tea Extract, DIM, or a good probiotic are all excellent at detoxifying estrogens.